Myjdw is an official employee online portal for Wetherspoon company. The main motive of launching My jdw portal by Wetherspoon is to keep track of payroll information for its employees, know about working time, schedules info, discounts that employees can claim, etc. Through this portal, employees can able to view each and every payslip that you've been paid.

If you're a current employee for Wetherspoon, you can also view your working hours so that you can tally your payments with what you have actually been paid. If you've any issues regarding your payment, you can contact the store manager. If you've been paid less than the actual pay, you can simply just logging into website to know what made you get paid less. 

Wetherspoon company has specifically designed My jdw online portal for communicating with the employees. On behalf of this, you can give some suggestions to the company and it will gladly accept your suggestions. Every employee of the organization can make use of the website by simply logging into the account. If you're new to Myjdw, you can complete the registration process and create an account within a simple step by step procedure.

How to Register for Myjdw Login

  • If you're a new employee for Wetherspoon organization, you can initiate the registration process by following below steps as follows: 
  • To create an account, you should have your own email first.
    For security reasons, you need to verify that you're an employee. That means, you need to fill out the details before making registration. 
  • Visit the Following page to sign up
  • In the second step, you need to know about employee number which is printed on payslip which will be given to you at the time of payment.
    You're required to provide employee number on respective field to register an account successfully. 
  • If you still facing trouble to know your employee number, you can contact the store manager. 
  • Finally, enter your date of birth on respective field. 
  • Before you can actually log into the account, you can remember that you need to confirm your email id. 
  • Now, you can click on register button and complete the registration process for Myjdw Login. 
  • Once you've successfully completed the registration process, you can log into the account and verify your account by entering these details. 
  • For suppose, if you've not received an email confirmation message, you can choose resent email option to confirm the registration process for Myjdw Login. 
  • Once you've registered for an account, you just simply log or straight away with your chosen password directly. 

Instructions for My jdw Login

If you're an employee for Wetherspoon company, you can go through below steps for logging into the existing account. For successful login, you should have your employee number and registered password.
  • At initial point, you can visit official website address on web browser either using a desktop or mobile device. 
  • Once you've entered into the home page, you can enter the valid details such as employee number on respective field. 
  • After that, enter the password that you've used while registering on website address 
  • Now, you will be able to access all available information like working time, payroll info, schedules, discounts that employees can claim, etc. 

Myjdw Customer Support 

  • If you're unable to register yourself or having any questions related to the registration process or any other issues, you can contact the customer service team of my jd Wetherspoon through a phone call. 
  • You can also send an email to the company related to the issue along with the employee number, date of birth, and name. The customer support will contact you to resolve the issue.
  • The bar and kitchen staff will be paid on every Friday. In contrary to this, store managers will be paid on monthly basis. 

This online website helps the employees to communicate with you about all exciting things going on in the organization. You will be allowed to access all benefits such as view your payslips, check your rota, great range of discounts, take a look at perks, or even send me a message. 


Wetherspoon has been recognized by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer United Kingdom. It achieves such type of accolades by the investment in training, competitive remuneration packages, policies on equality, and by encouraging all of the employees in order to participate actively in the business strategy. 

At the end of financial year 2016 or 2017, it employed more than 37,000 people across its pubs, hotels, and at the head office store. All staff members are directly employed by the company including with the exception of a small number of head office contractors included in particular project work. Hourly paid staff will be employed based on guaranteed hours contract.

Some people will prefer the flexibility of a contract with no minimum hours. If these type of contacts are used, there is no obligation on employees to accept the offers which are offered to them, no sole employer restriction, and receive the same benefits as those on a guaranteed contact. 

Pay and Reward

Wetherspoon organization is offering fair and competitive rates of pay and benefits to the staff including a bonus scheme for its employees. Pay rates at this company for all employees will be above the relevant national minimum wage and the national living wage as their basic pay. 

In addition to the basic pay, all of the employees will be eligible to the bonus scheme, paid monthly to pub based staff and bi-yearly to head office based staff. Across all of the pubs and hotels, all employees will also receive a staff discount which may be used on and off duty.